117: Your Personal Brand with Suzanne Tulien

Like you; Brand Clarity Expert, International Speaker, and Author, Suzanne Tulien, notices the variety of creative ways people are ‘branding’ themselves both consciously and unconsciously. But, is a successful personal brand the result of powerful marketing? When the hype subsides, what keeps a good personal brand going strong? What is the real secret to personal brand growth and advocacy? With over two and a half decades of strategic communication, employee brand engagement, and internal brand development, Suzanne’s inside-out brand-building strategy creates the clarity and actions necessary for her clients to drive consistency, distinction, and advocacy long-term.

Because her Brand DNA approach is radically different, she is paving the way companies and personal brands elevate their value position and actually reduce marketing costs while growing marketshare. She co-founded The Global Institute for Inspiration in 2011 and helped create the ‘Most Inspiring Companies Report’ now published by Forbes.com. As an international speaker and certified trainer she thrives in front of live audiences and in virtual environments.

As author of The 6 Myths of Small Business Branding and co-author of Brand DNA; Uncover Your Organization’s Genetic Code to Competitive Advantage, also published in China, and her latest book Personal Brand Clarity; Identify, Define, & Align to What You Want to Be Known For…she is helping to pave the transformational highway to grow by conscious, strategic design; not by DEFAULT! So, get CONSCIOUS and be INSPIRED to GROW…. Her session is all about you!

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Three Key Points:

We take on the beliefs, values and understandings of the people in our life that we chose. We chose these people because we knew that they would help us create snd co-create the circumstances that we would need to develop our personality, gifts, talents and process all to live the life we are meant to live.

It is time for us to do some inner work to go beyond these things that we needed to help us in the development process and now replace them with new beliefs and new understandings. They must be ones that empower us rather than disempower us. They can and will open doors for us if we choose to move into the new empowered way.

As we learn to align with the reason we chose to come to earth and the differences we are meant to make, we now can attract into our lives the opportunities and community that will support us in living in a way that brings all of who we are to the world.

Show Notes:

4:03 - Suzanne shares about about herself and what she enjoys in life as she shares her gifts with work.

5:12 - Learn her process of unpacking by using her standards of living to understand who you are in every day life.

6:26 - Suzanne explains her divine intent and defines it for us to better understand the difference she is in our world to accomplish.

8:01 - At a young age, Suzanne had a level of awareness that led to her questioning they way people attract bullying into their lives and reflecting on what it is all about.

12:24 - Learn how Suzanne learned what she is meant to do in the world and all the aspects and practices that helped her on that journey.

14:35 - Suzanne shares how her new book relates to her earlier book and how it helps you move towards your fundamental structure and your personal brand.

17:20 - Get some insight on core values and how they have been part of our life even from a very young age. And where are core values come from as we get older.

19:51 - Suzanne shares some of the experience her clients have when they start their work and begin to uncover who they are in the moment.

23:59 - Suzanne shares a couple examples of the results people have experienced from working with her. One completely shut down a business.

29:08 - Gift yourself the time to change yourself. That is why you are here and you must to take the journey to find yourself.

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