118: The Growth Movement with Justin Schenck

Justin is an entrepreneur, speaker and the host of the top rated podcast the Growth Now Movement. He has been named a Top 8 Podcaster to follow by INC Magazine, featured in Thrive Global and chosen as an ‘Icon of Influence’ in the new media space.

Justin’s podcast has grown to become a podcast that is currently getting played in over 100 countries every single week and he has gone on to help countless people grow their brands and business through podcasting. He is also the host and creator one of the go to events for entrepreneurs and forward thinkers; Growth Now Summit LIVE!

With a 1.7 GPA in High School, a Mom who had a 20 year battle with opiods, and a dad who was in jail. He would have been voted, Least Likely to Succeed. He has gone on to have one of the worlds top podcasts, speak all over the country, run multiple successful businesses, and impact millions of lives.

He's done this by focusing on the 4 Pillars of Life (Business, Wellness, Relationships, & Spirituality) - and I've designed a method to overcome any Limiting Belief one might have.

With high energy and a joyful approach to what tends to be a sensitive subject, Justin has been able to inspire individuals all over the world, both on stages, and as a guest on many podcasts. It would be an honor to serve your audience.

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Episode Resources:

Official Website: www.growthnowsummit.com

Facebook: @justintschenck

Instagram: @justintschenck

Twitter: @justintschenck

Email: jtschenck@gmail.com

Three Key Points:

Each of us is on this earth for a specific reason that is unique to us. No one else on the earth is here for the exact same reason. Our uniqueness comes from the Who, What and Why of each individual. If we uncover the answers to those three questions and then create our life around the wants that help us that specific reason fully.

The answers for those three questions have to come you. There is no one in this world that can give you those answers. There may be some hints that show up in our lives to help us see, but most are evidence that is something more for us. Something Different than we have ever experienced. When we uncover it, life makes sense. 

From time to time we attract into our lives people that are here for a very similar reason. These relationships are extremely important because the are the people who will support us in fully showing up in the world and we will do the same for them. It is finding a community based in cooperation and not in competition.

Show Notes:

4:10 - Justin shares the story of his childhood and how being introduced to self-help work helped him see how you react determines your life.

5:50 - the loss of his mom to opioids brought the understanding that the joy and excitement in life is in the journey not in accomplishing the goal.

7:00 - Justin shares with you the steps that he went through to start leaving his life more for the moment and not for the end item.

10:00 - Learn where and how to find people to support you and help you move along your path in life.

13:15 - We are all chasing something, but if you ask yourself. “Who was I before people told me what you to be,” you can become the best you.

15:00 - We are constantly growing and expanding, Justin share his secret is to be able to accept yourself in every moment.

17:55 - It is so important for each of us to show up fully in the world. Justin shares what was the biggest obstacle to him showing up fully.

19:55 - Justin shares his purpose and the reason he is on this earth and how he sees himself living it.

21:14 - Justin explains the Growth Now Movement and why it is important to him and how it has become the basis for his work.

24:20 - Learn how Justin has gotten where he is today by surrounding himself with like-minded people to help others.

26:54 - Justin shows how he has used the movement and bring people together to help others on their journeys. 

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