119: Your Magnetic Mind with Gunther Mueller

Optimal (Physical & Mental) Health Strategist, Gunther Mueller, has spent the better part of the last decade working closely with over 300 medical professionals, in a variety of specialties, assisting them in bringing life-changing therapies to their patients that help them Feel Young, Healthy, and Vibrant again. Gunther is extremely excited to be sharing the revolutionary Magnetic Mind Method that is taking the personal development movement by storm so that his clients can learn how to turn "Thoughts Into Things" and become Conscious Creators so that they also can live a life that they absolutely LOVE!

Gunther enjoys living in Anthem, AZ and loves to Ski (water and snow), kite surf, hike, bike, read, and experience the life he loves in the American Southwest. Gunther delivers the education, insights, understandings, and sometimes complex information in simple, easy to understand conversation that inspires people to act and take charge of their own life now.

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Three Key Points:

We take on the beliefs, values and understandings of the people in our life that we chose. We chose these people because we knew that they would help us create snd co-create the circumstances that we would need to develop our personality, gifts, talents and process all to live the life we are meant to live.

It is time for us to do some inner work to go beyond these things that we needed to help us in the development process and now replace them with new beliefs and new understandings. They must be ones that empower us rather than disempower us. They can and will open doors for us if we choose to move into the new empowered way.

As we learn to align with the reason we chose to come to earth and the differences we are meant to make, we now can attract into our lives the opportunities and community that will support us in living in a way that brings all of who we are to the world.

Show Notes:

4:08 - Gunther shares the difference he wants to make in the world by sharing his mission and the way he wants to live it.

7:59 - As a truth seeker, he has reinvented himself several times. In 2017, Gunther explains how one phone call changed his life.

12:32 - Although many of us may feel so from time to time, Gunther shares the concept that we are never broken.

14:13 - Gunther defines what he means by our super conscious and how it can be beneficial in our lives.

15:26 - Gunther gives his way of knowing exactly what he wants in his life removing and confusion in creating.

21:58 - Learn about resistance and the three places we find ourselves when we want to create.

27:46 - The ego and our self sabotaging personalities result in stalling out, Gunther shares techniques to move beyond it.

31:33 - Gunther shares some results that people have seen by using the Magnetic Mind Method.

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