122: Finding yourself with Curt Tueffert

Curt is a professional speaker, author, and professor.  These three legs of the stool provide associations with a proven professional who knows how to connect with his audience, deliver content with the right amount of energy and humor.

Curt won the Stevie award for Sales Content Development and has been a regular adjunct professor at the University of Houston where he teaches business communication on the Master’s level and Sales/Marketing on the undergraduate track.

Curt is the author of 5 Stones For Slaying Giants, 201 Sales Motivators and is the contributing author for SPEAK, an anthology written by the National Speakers Association.

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Three Key Points:

There are no mistakes or coincidences in the universe. This means that there are no mistakes or coincidences in our lives. Everything is our creation or co-creation. Even though we can’t imagine why would create some of the things in our live, we played a part in the creation of these circumstances.

Some times these creations or co-creations take us down paths that we didn’t plan or could never see ourselves going down. They might bring joy or they might bring sadness. The one thing we can be sure of, they are taking us down our path towards living the life we are meant to live.

These experiences and circumstance are all for you to help you uncover and develop your gifts and talents, as well as, the process that is yours and only yours. The process you use to bring this unique set of your gifts and talents in a way that you make a difference in your life, the life of others and in the world.

Show Notes:

3:58 - Curt shares about himself and the different hats he wears in his life and how he spends his time.

5:07 - Learn the things that happened in Curt’s life that opened his eyes to seeing the world and his life in a new way.

8:44 - Curt shares how going to counseling with an open mind and to do everything he could  to step beyond his denial and be more present.

12:05 - Learn how one of his toughest wake-up calls helped him understand himself more and enabled him to find the gifts in the past.

14:08 - It is important to surround yourself with people that can help you see yourself and your life in a way that opens the door to where you are being called.

16:51 - Learn about the lessons you can learn when you open yourself to possibilities that you never considered before.

18:38 - Curt shares how a second wake-up call help him decide how he wanted his life to be better, different, more fulfilling.

20:29 - Curt shares his divine intent, the reason he feels he is on the earth. He unpacks what is important to him moving froward.

22:31 - Learn how the wake ups and new understanding has main a difference in the other parts of his life.

25:32 - Curt shares how he now shows up different at work and home in new ways that represents him fully.

28:23 - As a speaker, he has become more compassionate and transparent to connect to his audience in another level.

29:21 - Curt shares the difference he wants to make in the world by working with men that have had experiences like he has.

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