124: The MatchMaker with Dr Holly Battey

Dr. Holly helps conscious single clients find the love of their dreams.  With a doctorate in clinical psychology, she founded Find Love At Last in 2014 to help sincere women and men find lasting love and has been a matchmaker, coach, and image consultant for over 9 years. Dr. Holly is a dating expert and inspiring speaker who advises and speaks on image, strategy, online dating, partner suitability, communication, and commitment.  And empowering you to find the love of your dreams is her passion and calling.  She resides in San Francisco and works with clients around the world.

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Official Website: findloveatlast.com

Facebook: @holly.balley.7

Free Gift: findloveatlast.com

Email: holly@findloveatlast.com

Three Key Points:

We all have people in our lives that are there to help us on the journey that we chose here on earth. Some of them, as I’m sure you’ve heard, are here for a reason and others for a season. All of the create and co-create with us to experience what we need to live our life fully and on purpose.

There are many things that can get in the way of us finding or reaching out to these people. The things that get in the way are all internal. Our beliefs, fears, and protection mechanisms, all can hinder us or maybe stop us all together from being available to those people that can help and support us the most.

When we dig deep and find these fears and beliefs, we open ourselves up to understand where many of our judgments come from. We learn where we judge others and more importantly where we judge ourselves. These judgments keep us from creating with those people that are here to help grow and expand.

Show Notes:

4:12 - Dr Holly shares with us her path to becoming a matchmaker bringing people who are aligned together.

7:17 - Learn the moments of choices that she experienced and the nagging feelings that were calling her to more.

8:51 - Dr Holly tells us how she knew that her soul was calling her to take another direction in her life.

9:51 - Learn what she used to discover what she was meant to do in the world and the understanding of the basics of what she shares.

11:34 - Discover the basics of the process Holly uses to help bring the right people together at the right time in their lives.

12:34 - Holly shares some techniques she uses to help women get in touch with themselves.

13:54 - Learn how prior jobs helped prepare her for what she does now for her clients.

15:01 - How do you look at what you might consider baggage and find the reason for it.

16:41 - This is how Dr Holly helps you move beyond those things in your life that you consider failures.

19:25 - Much of the way we perceive relationships are carried with us from what we learned and experienced from our parents.

20:55 - Holly explains how our self image can hold us back in relationships and life in general.

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