130: A Positive Attitude with Chance Jackson

Chancellor K Jackson (1995) was born in Fulton County, Georgia, to Native American parents, grew up in Smyrna, Georgia, and attended Stetson University. For nine years he played football at the high school and collegiate level. After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Communication and Media Studies, Chancellor lived abroad in China from 2018-2019. Chancellor fell into writing after his traumatic experience of being arrested, and detained in Beijing for 14 days. His first book, "14 Days in Beijing" has ranked #1 over fifteen times on Amazon in multiple genres.

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Episode Resources:

Official Website: https://www.chancellorkjackson.com

Twitter: @korlehj

Instagram: @korlehj

Three Key Points:

There are many opportunities that we create in our lives for us to realize that there can be and is much more for us. We bring these opportunities in to give us ways to better understand how we are meant to live, what we are here to share and we will share it with.

Attitude plays a big role in what we take away from these opportunities. First, looking at them as opportunities. Being positive and knowing there is a gift in everyone of these circumstances will open the door to finding a new way, your way from it.

Finding time and the space to discover who you are, what you have to offer and why you are here is essential to understanding the life you are meant to live. As you get more acquainted with these aspects of yourself you will be able to see the path for you to live that life fully. 

Show Notes:

3:46 - Chance shares the many things he is doing in the world as he pursues opportunities to live his purpose.

6:06 - Learn the impetus for his book and a true wake up call that happened to get Chance’s attention

17:35 - in a tiny cell 24 hours a day/seven days a week, Chance shares the thoughts he had about ever going home and what would happen if he does.

20:12 - Experiencing a true wake up resulted in some big lessons that Chances share with us.

23:19 - Chance gives us some insight on how he brings the messages for him in his experience to youth in hopes they can learn and grow from his experiences.

25:56 - Learn what Chance’s purpose is in this moment and how he hopes to bring it to the world.

28:28 - Chance tells us about the difference he wants to make in the world by writing and working with youth.

32:00 - As a parting piece of guidance, he shares the importance of getting to know yourself.

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