133: Be Energy Aware with Bran Katanec

Bran Katanec has lived a life full of challenging times, from an early age. And it is exactly those challenging times that have helped bring out his biggest gifts. The gift of music came first, followed by the teaching gift. And the third biggest gift that came out, inspired Bran to help others with their own journey, to find themselves, to be true to themselves and to live an authentic life, in which they are thriving.

Bran works with individuals and groups in a way so that they gain a better understanding of themselves and cultivate self-trust. Coming back to themselves and trusting their intuition. He helps them to move forward authentically and to achieve their goals and dreams, that are aligned with their true self. Honoring themselves and receiving back what they deserve. Through his podcast called BEnergyAware, Bran continues to teach and inspire, and is the author of the Get Empowered audiobook, which contains the tools that help people with facing and overcoming daily challenges. Bran plays guitar and writes, records and produces music. His album New Horizons is available on all major platforms.

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Three Key Points:

Understanding that you and everything else in the Universe is energy is essential in you truly living life in the way that you are meant to live it. Once you agree with or accept the fact that you are energy, you will understand the importance of using the principles of energy to live life.

Getting to know yourself is essential on that journey. One of the best ways to get to know yourself and be aware of every part of you is to be alone. When you can be alone and let your awareness of the thoughts you have become a part of a practice, you can begin to master your mind.

Uncovering and understanding your beliefs are essential to you living an empowered life. Beliefs aren’t real. They are something that we choose either consciously or unconsciously. When you learn to reframe the beliefs that don’t serve you, you can empower yourself to transform not only the present and future, but you can also transform the past.

Show Notes:

4:15 - Bran Katanec shares with us that is number one love and gift is being a musician. He also brings the gifts of teaching and healing to the world.

5:07 - Learn what started him on the path of music and how his background has added to bring his gifts.

9:38 - Bran shares how important meditation is in his work and how it helps people move forward in their lives more empowered.

11:01 - Learn what it means to live authentically and the importance of understanding how unique we are.

14:40 - You get to choose the energy you create and put out into the universe. Which means you are going to attract these people and situations.

16:04 - We all have a creative nature and when we are creative we attract others who are also creative in their own way.

17:30 - Bran tells us we can choose our energy and uncover and share our creativity as we create.

19:03 - Bran shares his Divine Intent and how he brings it to the world and helps us see there are no limitations.

20:42 - Bran shares some stories of how people who have worked within have experienced their creativity.

23:11 - Why do most of us feel that we aren’t creative and not give ourselves the opportunities to be creative.

23:53 - How to change the belief that is keeping you from sharing your creativity.

24:50 - Get a parting piece of guidance on accomplishing what you set out to do.

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