134: Resolving Conflict with Jerry Fu

Jerry is a conflict resolution coach who helps Asian-American leaders advance in their career and life journeys. Having taken on several pharmacy leadership roles, Jerry started coaching in 2017 to help other Asian-American professionals deal with the conflict they encounter at work, with their culture, and within themselves.

Prior to starting his coaching business, Jerry served as a pharmacist and began facilitating leadership workshops in 2012. Today, Jerry offers a range of coaching services, which includes individual coaching, group workshops, and keynote presentations. He has appeared on over thirty podcasts and plans to appear plenty more. To learn more, you can visit https://www.adaptingleaders.com.

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Three Key Points:

Many of us try to avoid conflict in our lives. It makes us feel uneasy, We are afraid that it will cause problems for us or result in loss of friendships, jobs and opportunities. We mostly are afraid be cause we don’t know how to deal with the conflict.

Conflict can be very helpful for you. The experience of conflict gives you insight in to opportunities for you to grow and expand. The are opportunities for you to see the places in your life where you can become more aligned with who you are and how you want to show up in the world.

We all have conflict on the inside or us just like we experience it on the outside. This internal conflict can be much harder resolve than the outside conflict. Much of the internal conflict comes from the need to be right.

Show Notes:

4:49 - Jerry Fu shares his experience on how he got the wake up call and how it made difference to his career.

6:45 - Learn how he turned being fired from his job into being the kind of employee that never gets fired again.

7:46 - Know the answer whether there are more conflicts inside of us or outside of us.

8:39 - Jerry shares the the 3Cs: clarity, confidence, and closure. These are important steps on effective conflict resolution.

11:58 - How does one get aware of a conflict? Learn how to handle conflicts as Jerry shares an example on how to deal with it.

16:39 - How to go from confrotation to collaboration?

18:15 - Jerry defines conflict and things that can affect it.

20:32 - An interesting conflict between the you of now versus the you of tomorrow.

22:29 - The ones that will ultimately succeed are those who make adjustments to their daily routine and systems.

23:32 - There will be a lot of conflict moving forward if you want to step into the new version of yourself. How would you deal conflict within yourself?

26:30 - Do you want a comfortable, predictable, and easy life? Is conflict necessary in our lives?

28:20 - Jerry shares some of his own personal playbook best practices that will truly change your life when it comes to conflict resolution.

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