135: Intentional Action with Theresa Garcia

Theresa Garcia is a survivor who decided early on that the traumatic life she lived would not define her. Adversity has been a part of her journey her entire life. By age 5 she was abused in every way possible. At 15 years old, she became pregnant and homeless. As a single mother to a lovely child with severe disabilities and no support system, she healed herself with the help of coaches.

She is now a powerhouse that teaches others to live the life they desire.

Theresa is the founder and Chief Empowerment officer at Rubi’s Positive Empowerment She is a Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner, a HeartMath Mentor, and a Mindvalley Holobody Coach.

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Facebook: @rpempowerment

Three Key Points:

Many of us go through life wondering why things seem to happen to us. We don’t understand why others seem to go through life with no bad experiences. Nothing ever seems to happen to them. While at the same time we are trying to make sense out of what seems to be happening to us.

Yet when bad things seem to happen to good people, we can look at the situation and make a decision. Actually we have the opportunity to make many decisions. The biggest decision is if we are going to let the negative experience define us or use it to decide the life we want to live.

Many of our biggest motivations and gifts come from what we perceive to be our lowest points. We can choose to develop gifts from the circumstance that help us live a better life. And we can use those gifts to help others who might experience similar circumstances in their lives. Choosing to shine our light into the world.

Show Notes:

4:07 - Theresa Garcia shares her experience with job matchmaking for adults with disabilities to their ideal employers.

5:33 - Learn about her experience on how she got her wake up call and how she stepped up to be who she is.

7:32 - Theresa shares the reason behind wanting to make an impact to make the world a better place.

8:52 - Learn more about what happened to Theresa that made her decide to go back to school and do what she does.

10:01 - Theresa shares more about what she went through and how she got up from that traumatic life she lived.

11:06 - How can a person find the spark to move more further and start helping people?

12:14 - Listen how Theresa fell in love with studying and turned that into what she's doing now.

13:56 - How Theresa moved into the Rubi's Positive Empowerment world.

16:21 - Learn how Theresa has been able to look at things in a positive way that has helped her to become who she is.

19:20 - How Theresa moved past her the traumatic life she experienced.

21:31 - Learn more on how Theresa helped people with disabilities pair them up with their ideal clients and see their potential.

23:55 - Theresa shares some of her success stories.

26:49 - Theresa shares her wisdom to open up minds into great possibilities.

29:43 - Learn more as Theresa opened the eyes of people that would be interested in hiring some of her clients.

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