137: The Power of Hope with Caroline Rose

Caroline is a mom, wife, and dog-lover, as well as a wine-loving, hope-holding, three-time stage 4 cancer thriver. Today, Caroline is enjoying her tenth year of living cancer-free. She travels the country speaking to approximately 10,000 to 15,000 people each year. Her message of hope resonates universally, especially today.

The world is craving hope, and Caroline is happy to be the one to provide it. She remains passionate about spreading hope and giving back to those who are still searching for their hopeful ever after.

Episode Resources:

Official Website: https://www.dearrileyrose.com

Facebook: @DearRileyRose

Instagram: @dearrileyrose

Three Key Points:

Our best laid plans aren’t necessarily where we are going to end up. Many times in our physicalness we look at the world around us and decide what we should be or do. We decide who we should be. What we decide might not be in alignment with who we are meant to be.

As we experience the circumstances that show up in our lives, we are experiences messages, sign posts and directions to what we are meant to be and do. We are receiving messages to who we are.

We are all meant for greatness in being all that we are meant to be and making the difference we are meant to make. It doesn’t matter if you see that difference as monumental or minor. You can change the trajectory of the world. You and the reason you are on this planet are essential.

Show Notes:

3:48 - Caroline talked a bit more on how she spreads hope.

6:50 - She shared her four years experience where she went through the stages of grief and anger.

8:34 - Caroline learned how to accept things she has no control over.

10:12 - She shared where she's in mentally and where was she in understanding what she meant to bring to the world.

12:13 - The process of bringing the wall down and taking it block by block.

13:49 - The huge component to start see life and heal in a different way.

15:27 - The process Caroline went through to get herself to be able to trust her body and herself.

18:52 - Finding a gift in three diagnosis of stage four cancer.

21:14 - Find out Caroline's project, life, and where she focused that brought her to trusting again.

24:46 - She shared how it felt to be led to a purpose wherein you can greatly affect a person's life.

27:37 - Caroline's divine intent and mission in the world.

29:04 - She talked about the deeper work she does.

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