138: Being the Best with Anurag Rai

Anurag is an award-winning coach, best-selling author, master NLP practitioner and founder of Superhuman In You. He has been featured on major publications such as Fox news, Market watch, and USA Today. He has helped thousands of individuals to end suffering and start thriving in different areas of life and business.

Anurag started his journey when he first moved to the UK from India with 100 pounds, 4 sets of clothes and zero contacts. He went from being homeless to owning 4 successful businesses in the past few years.

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Three Key Points:

It is so important to understand how our conscious and unconscious thoughts have an effect on our lives, how we create, and how we interact with ourselves and others. Our reality is created by these thoughts.

Scientists have shared that most of the time we are living from the unconscious or sub conscious. In fact they suggest that we only live consciously 10-15% of the time. Because the sub conscious or unconscious mind is our programing or conditioning, we can’t create anything new from that place.

Learning to tap into our conscious mind and remain in the present moment will assist us in living a more fulfilled and passionate life. It is really about choosing to live life differently, more conscious of the journey you are on and the life you want to live.

Show Notes:

3:29 - Anurag shared a little bit more about him and what he does.

5:05 - He talked about the transformation that led to finishing his three year qualification.

6:26 - Anurag's wake up call that really got him moving in that direction.

8:42 - He talked about how his growth through four years.

10:01 - Ways that worked and didn't work for him, and how he uses it until now.

11:17 - Anurag shared what characteristics should you look for in a coach.

12:49 - How understanding he is to the fact that you are your own person and how he incorporates it to his coaching.

14:03 - The importance and benefits of meditation.

16:53 - The concept about bending reality.

18:53 - Anurag asked questions to let people decide what action to take on.

20:50 - How he help clients go beyond doubting their own ideas.

22:36 - How do you not think of thought?

23:41 - Anurag shared a couple examples of the transformations he experienced with his clients.

24:55 - The biggest barrier you can run into.

26:53 - Anurag's divine intent and mission.

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