042: Creating with Energy featuring Lisa Sanfilippo

Lisa Sanfilippo is the founder of the Sanfilippo Institute for Personal Transformation, LLC, a unique and leading-edge coaching and training company. As a professional coach and transformational leader, she helps heart-centered women professionals who know they are meant for more create and manifest unlimited abundance, quantum success and a life they love.

Through life coaching and training services she teaches individuals how to apply success principles, holistic approaches and the Law of Attraction to create and manifest the personal and professional life of their dreams. Having gone through her own healing and transformational journey from healthcare burnout, she is a big promoter of self-care. Lisa has personally struggled with the long work hours, large span of control, high demands, persistent stress and other challenges of working in the fast-paced, rapid-cycle change environment of healthcare while simultaneously caring for and supporting a family member with a very serious medical condition.

In 2010 she started studying and applying universal energy and the Law of Attraction in her life to deliberately co-create inner and outer personal transformation which provided her the courage to leave the nursing profession to follow a life-long dream and inner calling to motive and inspire other women. Her mission is to inspire, expand and transform lives, 1 person at a time, with her "Uplift Your Life" coaching and training programs.

With over 30 years' experience working in healthcare holding many positions of increasing responsibility, from direct care nursing, as a coach/trainer, and in nursing leadership, she has the perfect combination of professional experience to help clients achieve results. She has successfully coached and trained over 1000 people in human performance and personal and professional development.

Lisa is honored to have led her teams and help her organization achieve two significant nursing award designations and as well as other healthcare accreditations and achievements. As the unit manager, she led her Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to receive the national American Association of Critical Care Nurse's (AACN) Beacon Award for Excellence - Gold Level designation, the highest measurement and distinction of sustained nursing excellence, patient care outcomes and healthy work environments. In 2014, her ICU was only 1 of 5 ICU's in the state of Pennsylvania to receive the Gold Level distinction.

As one of only 22 health systems and 7% of hospitals in the nation, her organization received the System Magnet designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

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Three Key Points:

To step into your calling, sometimes you have to work a lot with your identity. You can’t serve others if you’re not in alignment with your truth.

The door into the unknown is the door into darkness, only because we’ve not shined our light in there before.

Nothing happens by mistake, there are no accidents in the quantum world.

Show Notes:

3:50 — Lisa Sanfilippo shares her experience in nursing leadership and how it led her to life coaching.

5:45 — There’s a science and an art to nursing. Having compassion and caring for people, Lisa shares, is how you can help heal the energy of others.

9:00 — Uplift your life is about raising your energy by living from the space of love, peace and gratitude. Raise your vibration by your mind, body and spirit.

10:09 — When we walk around blindly and not in tune with who we really are, it’s a painful place to be in. Lisa shares how that affects our lives by attracting disease, negativity, and much more.

12:20 — Ever since she could remember, Lisa always had a passion for personal development. As a nurse, she’s applied that in healthcare, and as a nurse leader, she’s applied that to her team.

18:30 — Take time to be with yourself and meditate. Lisa shares that you can tap into what you love doing by being self-aware about what “lights you up.”

22:46 — There’s a law of sufficiency and abundance. There is no lack. Lisa shares that there’s always enough for all of us.

25:00 — Lisa shares the miracle of her. Seeing the vision for other people, and seeing the shining light of possibility, Lisa sees the lessons and growth in every circumstance.

28:50 — Sharing a piece of parting guidance, Lisa encourages you to expand your mind to learn more about the law of attraction.


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