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Are You Ready to Live the Life You Never Thought You Could?

Are You Meant for More...More In Relationships, Happiness, Health, Business...In Every Aspect of Your Life?

Leap Into the Life You Are Meant to Live, Discover What Is Possible and Start Living It Now. 

That's Our Promise!  

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This is for you if you've ever asked/said...

  • Why do bad things happen to good people? And/or...I've done everything right!
  • Why am I not as successful as I thought I’d be? And/or...I followed all the rules & I'm going backwards!
  • Why can’t I find or keep a relationship that is supportive/empowering? And/or...I'm a good person!
  • Why isn’t my business taking off? And/or...Even though I know my purpose!
  • Why aren’t I happy? And/or...I'm following my calling!
  • Why aren’t my employees happy? And/or...But I'm making money!
  • Why don’t I enjoy going to work? And/or...I feel disconnected from everything!
  • Why can’t I ever get what I want? And/or...I'm tired of life!
  • Why am I sick & tired of trying? And/or...I've tried everything!

The definition of QUANTUM LEAP is an instantaneous, abrupt transformation which is discontinuous with the past and without a linear or detectable route. 

Join Us and take a QUANTUM LEAP in one or every area of your life!

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Dear Friends,

There are no mistakes or coincidences in our lives. “Everything happens for a reason” is not just some cliché. It is proven in science and the old eastern philosophies have been sharing that context for centuries.

Let's stop living life the exact same way and expecting different results, thinking that life can't be any better than this, not experiencing all the success that you know you should have in your relationships, business, and life in general ...

You want new thinking, new ways of being, to heal the things that are keeping you stuck...

You want a community that supports you in experiencing the life you are meant to live and really want ... that's what you'll get at the QUANTUM LEAP Event.

Together we will use effective and proven experiential exercises, guided meditation and many other especially designed insights to find your answers.

It is your time to take a QUANTUM LEAP in your life, relationships, or business...there are no mistakes or coincidences in our lives.

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Are You Ready to Break Through to the Real You with Science and Spirit at Your Side?

Each and every person in this entire world is unique. Because of this you can’t try to live life the same way anyone else does. You must know who you really are, why you are here, and how you are already bringing aspects of your "why" to the world. We will delve deeply into your uniqueness so you can find and expand on your "why" … your reason for Being.

Being in attendance at the QUANTUM LEAP event will bring you closer to understanding the science of the mind and the intelligence of the heart,  so you can become the master of your life. It will also bring you closer to your own guidance, as well as, a connection with channeled higher frequency energies called the Round Table who will help you remember your intent and capacity to uniquely contribute to the world.

You will discover your uniqueness in a community of brilliant minds and loving hearts. You will see others as unique and find commonalities … you will learn how to tap into the momentum and power of your energy and the group’s energy causing you to take off and soar.

The number one cause for people feeling uncertain, insecure, and always looking for that missing thing is not even knowing why or how to find their purpose… that fire … that passion! It’s in YOU … that energy … that unique energy that is the burning flame inside of you that can't help but radiate out. It is always there...burning!

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“Coaching and mentoring from Vince, Mary, and the Round Table has changed my life forever”

Samm Ozegovich

Vince and Mary Kramer bring a beautiful loving and giving presence just by walking into the room. The coaching and mentoring by Vince and Mary, as well as the added benefit of being coached by the Round Table, has been among the most life changing experiences of my life. It has changed my life forever and given me greater insight in every aspect of my life.

Samm Ozegovich, LCSW Radical Change Now

What Would It Mean to Align Your Business with You and Your Purpose with Tangible and Proven Tools You Can Use Forever?

Heart-based entrepreneurs and corporate leaders have a calling to share their unique gifts and talents in a way that makes the world better for their customers and their employees. Unfortunately, many fill that desire by trying to fit into the current structures or the “way others are doing it.” That can’t and won’t work.

You must know who you are, what you uniquely offer and your personal why to live your calling. Only then can you align your personal energy with the message you have to share. But, you need both guides and teachers that know how to do both and assist you in...being YOU and have a thriving BUSINESS. When that alignment happens you will choose the perfect business to attract the exact people who want and need what you have to share in the way that you best can share it.

How do you discover and uncover the answers to the above questions? You use the exceptional tools, steeped in neuroscience and spirituality, that you will learn at QUANTUM LEAP to know and own the combination of gifts and talents that are uniquely yours and the process that can bring them to your customers and employees.

Are you tired of doing everything to be successful in your business and still coming up short? When you align your self, mission, message and customers you are ready to implement the social media, sales and marketing strategies you have invested in and learned in other workshops. What has been missing all along is you, and now it is time to discover and bring you to your business or job. We want to do that with you at the QUANTUM LEAP event.

You have all the answers. You just don’t know how to find them. Or in some cases, you don’t believe that you truly do have them. Join us - it is time to take a QUANTUM LEAP into successfully living and sharing your calling.


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“Every parent should go through this work and share it with their children..”

Mike Frost

This work has completely changed every aspect of my life, my business and my relationships. Why haven't I heard about it before? I'm going to make sure my children understand these concepts and use the exercises you have shared. Every parent should go through this work and share it with their children.

Mike Frost, Michael Frost Financial, Husband, Father

What Would It Mean to Build Your Legacy and Discover Your Next BIG Moves with Energy, Joy and Flow?

Building your legacy means you have spent your life expressing who you truly are and will leave this world having made a lasting difference. Perhaps you use your talents and gifts teaching people how improve their teaching a child to read or creating clean water in other countries. Or maybe your calling is to use your talents and gifts to help people feel good day-to-day just by your presence...or create a start up company that solves a big problem. These are just a few ways others have left a legacy. What do you want yours to be?

How do you make your next big move? You use the tools you will learn at QUANTUM LEAP to step out into the unknown and in following your heart to knowing you are making a difference just by truly being who you are!

Are you tired of living your life the way you thought you should or the way people have been telling how you should? Well, living your life your way means, you uncover the answers to unique questions that help you find the real you and find the way you are meant to live. We are meant to live, knowing who we truly are in our wholeness. You will discover who that is, all the parts of you, what that means moving forward and how to step into … the unknown.

What do you mean master of my life? Do you know what it means when you hear, “we create with thought and feeling?” Do you know what it means to put that to work in your life? You will learn these answers and many others. We do create with thought and feeling. The energy of our thoughts and feelings are what attract things into our lives. When you choose your thoughts and feelings, you become a master of your mind … and in turn … a master of your life. With the awareness of the Universal Laws of Energy, you can QUANTUM LEAP into being, doing, and having what aligns with the real you.

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Sound difficult? We, your teachers, will show you and help you practice on site the advanced secrets that aren't being taught at other seminars, workshops and retreats.

We’re Vince and Mary Kramer, and we’re your hosts for the Quantum Leap Event.  It’s our great delight to invite you, along with our partners, the Round Table and our guest teachers, to this event, a once in a lifetime happening.

Vince spent most of his adult life living by beliefs and rules he learned from the influential men in his life. He was very successful, but there was always something missing. After three crisis wake up calls, he set out on a journey that led him to the knowledge and understanding of the science and spirituality that is the foundation of the materials and exercises in our programs.

Mary spent much of her life suppressed and in the shadows of others. As she began to understand how her beliefs and fears from those experiences were holding her back, she turned to her inner guidance and intuition. Living on purpose, she discovered and brought many modalities together to assist you in reaching and holding the energy levels to support you in making Quantum Leaps.

We created the QUANTUM LEAP event to reveal how to find the real you, the parts of you that will propel you into the life you are meant to live...and the ones that hold you back and cause you to self sabotage.

Our promise and our goal is that you will leave with proven techniques to take QUANTUM LEAPS and MASTER YOUR LIFE!

Is It Time To Find Your Answers - and Stop Living Your Life On Autopilot?

By attending Take a QUANTUM LEAP, you can find your answers to all the above questions and many other even more personal questions whose answers are specific to you and then, use this new found awareness to take your QUANTUM LEAP in any area of your life..

People just like you are spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in programs to help them be more successful, happier, healthier, have better relationships. You understand, you see it all around you. Maybe you have even experienced the same thing in your life. You have to discover YOU before any of these will work.

Entrepreneurs and start-ups spend even more trying to learn or improve their social media reach, sell their programs through various means, purchase software to make life easier, attend seminars to produce webinars, etc. For any of these to work, you must know and align who you are with your message, business and audience.

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Your Quantum Leap Hosts and Leadership Team

We have gathered the best in each arena, and created an integrated program to serve all parts of what we call "the trinity of you" so you can reach deeply for the leap in your life you’re waiting for.

Vince Kramer

Vince brings years of experience and self-discovery together with his love of science and spirituality to introduce you to your unlimited possibilities. He shares experiential exercises to help you find your answers to living the life you are meant to live. He is the expert co-pilot to help you navigate your chosen destiny...your mission in life.

Mary Kramer

Mary truly sees you for who you are and what you uniquely bring to the world. She expertly uses many modalities to help you raise and maintain your highest vibration. She brings the aligning of your outer expression to your Essence creating an unseen match for people to feel your passion, your purpose, and your mission.

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“This inside out process is an utter joy, as is knowing and doing this with you.  I feel a real shift.”

Andrea J. Lee

It is your ability to really see beneath the skin, connect with my inner self, make it safe for "her" to come out and play with you, and the "technical" know how of how to see the way things can work - that has made this so special. I feel it is a knowing I own.  Internally.  I feel that realness of the change in me.  This inside out process is an utter joy, as is knowing and doing this with you.  I feel a real shift.

Andrea J. Lee, Master Coach, Speaker & CEO of Thought Partners International
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With A Team of Teachers Prepared for Deep Dives, the Foundation of Neuroscience and Quantum Physics, along with the support of the Ascended Masters known as the Round Table, the Quantum Leap Event is a Rich, Dynamic and Valuable Experience

We love working with people who are ready to take action, learn to use the scientific and spiritual concepts we have to share and implement them into every aspect of their lives.

An investment in yourself is the smartest investment you can make and can provide the biggest returns. We want to make it easy for you. We have discounted our online price to JUST $1997 from $2997, that is a 33% Savings. But if you take action early, there are even more savings. The quicker you decide to take action, the bigger discount you get on this life changing event.

Choose Your Preferred Payment Method Below

The chart below shows several registration options. If a button is clickable, that means that option is currently available. Don't delay each price is time sensitive. Amounts shown are in US dollars.

**All tickets include 3 days of learning, training and hands-on experience, plus evening activities.**

Are you ready to Take a Quantum Leap to the Life You Are Meant to Live, the life you deserve?

We’re ready if you’re ready. 

The world right now needs humans to understand - each of us is needed to create a QUANTUM LEAP for our world. It all starts with a break through for you. Science, Spirituality, and all of our experience and commitment are yours when you join us.

We look forward to seeing you understanding how to be, do and have everything that aligns with your true purpose. 

Love and blessings,

Vince and Mary Kramer

Vince is Your Quantum Leap Co-Pilot 

Mary is the Pathfinder to the Real You

P.S. We consider the QUANTUM LEAP event to be three events in one. It is:

An event that aligns you with your true purpose - that takes you deeper and illuminates what you haven't been able to see before.

An event that grounds you in both science and spirituality while doing this is utterly unique - doing this ensures you are rooted in your purpose as it expands. keeping you rooted deep in your purpose with the skills, technology, tools and systems that will take you, your work and your life to higher levels of possibility than you can even imagine.

And third, an event that connects you to teachers of the mind, science, heart, soul and business, both human and divine and will focus on every aspect of you life - is a one of a kind experience you won’t want to miss.

Three events in one, in essence, for the investment of just one session of coaching, in many cases. We hope the value is clear - the opportunity to spend three days and forever change your life. We invite you to reserve your seat and a place in your destiny. The first step - making the leap into believing and say "YES, more is possible," is all it takes. We will be there to meet you on the other side.

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