133: Be Energy Aware with Bran Katanec

Bran Katanec has lived a life full of challenging times, from an early age. And it is exactly those challenging times that have helped bring out his biggest gifts. The gift of music came first, followed by the teaching gift. And the third biggest gift that came out, inspired Bran to help others with their own journey...... learn more on the episode show page

132: Courageous Mindsets with Eric Winters

Eric is a self-leadership coach, black-belt hand-washer and author with deep knowledge in the science of building courageous and emotionally intelligent mindsets. His know-how is a result of over 20 years of international corporate life, two masters degrees in human behavior change, and over 12 years helping leaders...... learn more on the episode show page

131: Manifest Your Dreams with Melisa Caprio

Melisa Caprio, creator, photographer, radio host and author of Postcards to the Universe™ Harness the Universe’s Power and Manifest your Dreams, is inviting people from around the world to participate in this movement. By using photography, art, personal wishes, and desires and sending them out to the Universe via a postcard...... learn more on the episode show page

130: A Positive Attitude with Chance Jackson

Chancellor K Jackson was born in Fulton County, Georgia, to Native American parents, grew up in Smyrna, Georgia, and attended Stetson University. For nine years he played football at the high school and collegiate level. After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Communication and Media Studies...... learn more on the episode show page

129: Inner Technology with Sandy Vo

Sandy is a visionary, meditation teacher and yogi. She is the founder of globally rated Prosperous the Podcast and her signature transformation program; Prosperous: School of Self-realization, a 90-day integrative breakthrough experience for modern-day leaders. Sandy encountered the path of meditation...... learn more on the episode show page

128: Silence Teaches with Rich Lewis

Rich Lewis is an author, speaker and coach who focuses on centering prayer as a means of inner transformation. He teaches centering prayer in both his local and virtual community and offers one-on-one coaching. Rich’s newest book is titled, Sitting with God: A Journey To Your True Self Through Centering Prayer...... learn more on the episode show page

127: Get The Word Out with John Lee

John is the founder of Custom Mobile dot App. They build beautiful branded mobile apps for content creators that monetize their audiences.He also enjoys having philosophical conversations on ideas like the relationship between free will and rationality, the relationship between purpose and meaning..... learn more on the episode show page

126: Your Idea Mind with Divneet Kaur Lall

Divneet is an author, speaker, and consciousness expert. She is the discoverer of the Law of Unification which empowers people to create new creations for the world and conscious life of purpose. She is an integrative thinker who forgathered diverse components of..... learn more on the episode show page

125: Moments of Passion with Beau Brant

Beau is an airline pilot and pianist.  He has been playing the piano since he was three and flying commercially for 22 years. He is currently an airline Captain on the Airbus at a major airline flying out of Denver Colorado. Beau paid for some of his flight training by playing piano in bars..... learn more on the episode show page

124: The MatchMaker with Dr Holly Battey

Dr. Holly helps conscious single clients find the love of their dreams.  With a doctorate in clinical psychology, she founded Find Love At Last in 2014 to help sincere women and men find lasting love and has been a matchmaker, coach, and image consultant for over 9 years..... learn more on the episode show page

123: Extraordinary Life with Robert White

Robert White The Quantum Leadership Mentor The Art and Science of Mastering Executive Challenges In addition to his leadership role with Extraordinary People LLC, Robert White is an Executive Mentor, author, frequent keynote speaker and workshop leader..... learn more on the episode show page

122: Finding yourself with Curt Tueffert

Curt is a professional speaker, author, and professor.  These three legs of the stool provide associations with a proven professional who knows how to connect with his audience, deliver content with the right amount of energy and humor. Curt won the Stevie award..... learn more on the episode show page

121: Beyond The Pain with Dr Amy Novotny

Dr. Amy Novotny founded the PABR® Institute with the mission to provide pain, stress and anxiety relief to those who seek a naturalistic form of treatment when other treatment methods have fallen short. Her unique approach comes from her experience treating in a variety of settings and with a wide range of patient populations..... learn more on the episode show page

120: Finding What Matters with Mark and John Cronin

John and Mark X. Cronin are the father-son team that founded John’s Crazy Socks, the world’s largest sock store. John is an entrepreneur who just happens to have Down syndrome. You may know them for being named EY Entrepreneurs of the Year or testifying before Congress or speaking at the UN. You may know them because John..... learn more on the episode show page

119: Thoughts Into Things with Gunther Mueller

Optimal (Physical & Mental) Health Strategist, Gunther Mueller, has spent the better part of the last decade working closely with over 300 medical professionals, in a variety of specialties, assisting them in bringing life-changing therapies to their patients that help them Feel Young, Healthy, and Vibrant again. Gunther is extremely excited..... learn more on the episode show page

118: The Growth Movement with Justin Schenck

Justin is an entrepreneur, speaker and the host of the top rated podcast the Growth Now Movement. He has been named a Top 8 Podcaster to follow by INC Magazine, featured in Thrive Global and chosen as an ‘Icon of Influence’ in the new media space. Justin’s podcast has grown to become a podcast that is currently getting..... learn more on the episode show page

117: Your Personal Brand with Suzanne Tulien

Like you; Brand Clarity Expert, International Speaker, and Author, Suzanne Tulien, notices the variety of creative ways people are ‘branding’ themselves both consciously and unconsciously. But, is a successful personal brand the result of powerful marketing? When the hype subsides, what keeps a good personal brand going strong..... learn more on the episode show page

116: Shifting Your Identity with Anthony Trucks

Anthony Trucks is a foster kid turned NFL athlete and serial entrepreneur with one serious super power. Making Shift Happen, no matter what, by accessing the power of identity. After overcoming over 30+ traumatic life events, and navigating the identity shifts that followed, Anthony has come to be known as the leading expert..... learn more on the episode show page

115: Great Things In Life with Jasmin Tak Shum

Jasmin Tak Shum came to America from Macau at age 16, graduated college with double majors in Math & Economics, and went on to obtain Associate of the Society of Actuaries (ASA) while working full time. However, the excitement of achievement wore off revealing a sadness and emptiness that her heart could no longer ignore..... learn more on the episode show page

114: Getting Permission with Denise Lampron

Denise created The Art of Mindful Aging, a 4-module series, to support men and women over 50. The program focuses on giving voice to aging concerns, shedding light on physical transitions associated with aging, encouraging access to value, wisdom and gifts after a lifetime of experience. Additionally, the program invites curiosity..... learn more on the episode show page

113: Making an Impression with Patricia Brusha

Patricia Brusha has spent her career as a successful Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author in the fields of Hospitality Marketing, Educational Conferences, Non-Profit Organization and Retail Owner.Co-Founder of A Couple of Chicks Digital Marketing Company Patricia worked in the United States and Canada in the fields of Sales, Digital Marketing..... learn more on the episode show page

112: Finding The Door with Giselle Toner

Giselle Toner has over 30 years of experience teaching women and men how to increase their energies, physically, mentally and spiritually through the ancient science of yoga, and to up-level their self worth personally and professionally through her Strategic Life Coaching Mentorship Programs. She's a certified "Perfect Health" Educator..... learn more on the episode show page

111: Vulnerability From Within with Michelle Kaplan

The Corporate Poet, Michelle Kaplan works with ambitious and achievement-oriented leaders, aspiring and established executives, who are actively seeking more fulfillment in their careers and home life and transformation for their teams, organization, and family.Courageous and bold, they understand that the changes they seek outside..... learn more on the episode show page

110: Listening To You with Angella Johnson

After investing a quarter of a million dollars on coaches and courses, Angella Johnson found some cold-hard-TRUTH: Her soulful business could NOT fit into someone else's paint-by-numbers formula no matter how hard she worked. (And neither can yours.) When the advice of "work even harder to get what you want" led to total burnout..... learn more on the episode show page

109: Listening To You with Lisa Griffin

My mission in this life is to help people heal themselves by clearing the field and getting people back in touch with their higher selves/intuition. By re-awakening people to the truth that they have never been separate from Source, no matter how convinced they are of the separation. I do this in a variety of ways including a deep clearing..... learn more on the episode show page

108: What Makes You Happy with Ian Grant

Ian Grant was born and raised in Hyde park, Vermont with family dogs by his side. In 1998 at 22 years old, he decided to move to Florida to pursue a career as a professional golfer. Towards the end of his career in 2005, he watched an episode of the Dog Whisperer and was hooked (Miracle!)..... learn more on the episode show page

107: Taking The Next Step with Denny Krahe

Denny Krahe (pronounced Cray) is a podcaster, running coach, author, and the Chief Everything Officer at DizRuns.com. When he left his last corporate gig in February of 2013, he didn't know exactly what he wanted to do with his life but he was pretty clear about what he didn't want to do any longer-work in corporate America..... learn more on the episode show page

106: Clearing The Blocks with Art Giser

Art Giser is an internationally renowned NLP trainer, executive coach, leadership consultant, intuitive, remote energy worker, and healer. He is the creator of Energetic NLP, a special blend of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), spiritual principles, and..... learn more on the episode show page

105: Desire Factor with Christy Whitman and the Council

Christy is a Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach and Law of Attraction expert, as well as the two time New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All and Taming Your Alpha Bitch. She is also the channel for a group of super beings called The Council..... learn more on the episode show page

104: Finding Yourself with Gina Cobb

Gina is known as Gina the Gemologist. She founded Gina M. Cobb, Inc. November 8th, 2018 in response to seeing people struggle shopping for jewelry.  Most people go from store to store hearing many different opinions based on the jewelry experience of the person helping them.  It was clear to her there was a need for a new niche service was needed.  She continues to follow as her guiding light, the important meaning behind each piece of jewelry purchase.... learn more on the episode show page

103: The Power of Story with Zarinah El-Amin

Zarinah is an award-winning Detroit based anthropologist who helps mission-driven entrepreneurs create cultural change through books, programs, businesses, experiences and products that feed their pockets, their soul, and the world.... learn more on the episode show page

102: Focus on You with Beverley Vauhn

Beverley Vaughn disrupts the status quo by bringing unique, strategic insights to coaching, speaking, transformation, and information marketing. Having served as a Corporate Global Sales Manager for 33 and in the International Christian Ministry for 20 years.... learn more on the episode show page

101: Listen for Guidance with Leticia Fuerte

Leticia loves living pain free, with no medicines or drugs and as playful and joyful as possible. When Dealing with family members, Business relationships and people in different stages on their personal growth, she suffered emotional pain in many ways; at the same time working with God, her guardian angels and archangels, her faith had special place in her life.... learn more on the episode show page