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Aligning You, Your Audience and Your Message

Alignment to your Message, Audience and the Real You is what's missing!

So what is the Real You? You are an Essence that is radiated out to the world.  You are a unique individual that brings a combination of gifts and talents that no one else brings.  And the world needs to hear your message and to get to know you.  You can do that by getting to know your self and then aligning every aspect to bring your gifts and talents to the world.  The world needs you and your message.  My gifts and talents allow me to See You and help you do this!!

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I believe true alignment is a process.  You have to know the answers to Who Are You? Let me help you on this journey.  We will start with the Outside to the Inside ... and where we start that is in your closet.  Your closet is a mirror of the totality of you.

Coming up with a great outfit doesn't need to be hard!

If these sound familiar, I can help you! Do you:

  • Worry your audience may not see your true value?
  • Feel inadequate, not knowing what the right image is for you?
  • Fear your audience might be more engaged with your appearance than hearing your message?
  • Or maybe you find it too much, on top of everything else you have to prepare, to even give a thought to what you will wear?

Time with Mary will help you come up with the best outfit for your event ... plus help you manage your clothes and clothing choices.

And the best part is, you'll have fun doing it! VIP days with Mary whether working on your closet, shopping, or just discussing your next project will be easy, creative and reassuring!

Either way ... you have landed in the right place if you don't want to blindly stumble into failure especially after all the hard work you've invested in your presentation.

Feeling this way cripples your self expression.  It veils the unique essence of you.  The stress of trying to figure it all out may leave you wishing you could admit yourself into the ICU.

You can be free of the disempowering thoughts and bothersome emotions by partnering with Mary, who is the expert ICU ... your Intuitive Catalyst for Uncovering your essence.

My Ideal Client

My ideal client has an audience.  That can be someone working one on one or working with small or large groups.  Or maybe your business is primarily on Zoom, and you need help with easy, always-ready outfits for your calls.

You have a powerful message you want to bring to the world and for some reason you haven't been able to hold your audience's attention or if you do, they're not ready to invest in you and your program.

Or it is time for you to get out in front of the world, you are ready for your TedX Talk and you want to share your message in a way that will resonate with them and have your message stay with them even after they leave the event.

It is time to get your professional photo shoot or update your marketing materials and want to share the Real You with the world.  You want to align with your Essence so everyone can see you for who you are and will beg you to share your story with them.

Chat with Mary

Prepare For Your Photo Shoot!

Vince and I hired professional photographer, Stacey Canfield Lievens for her VIP photo shoot package.  Stacey interviewed us and then put together a storyboard of how we wanted to present ourselves in our marketing materials.  With this valuable information I was able to select colors and styles that best represented us, our Essence, and our message.

Stacey Canfield Lievens

"Mary is a master at color harmony.  As a master portrait photographer, I've never had a more prepared client show up with the perfect wardrobe that not only compliments the subject, but aligns with the brand.  Mary has the best combination; brilliant fashion stylist with high emotional intelligence.  I highly recommend working with her."

Stacey Canfield Lievens, My Image Artist

Prepare For Your Stage and Online Presentations!

Andrea J. Lee is a speaker, master coach, and CEO of an international company.  She takes coaching to an entirely different level.  From the moment you meet her there is no doubt that she is connected and she masterfully connects with her clients.  She was ready to take her message to the world in a more empowered way.

She always loved clothes, but was too busy to see that there is a science to how she is put together and how there is a science to dressing.

Together we created her signature look and created an easy system for dressing for on-line coaching calls to stage events.

Now she has a combination of clothes & outfits that she can express her essence and her message in a way that others drawn to her.  The clothes that she wears on stage is in alignment with her and her message, and she immediately makes a connection with the audience before she says a word! In her individual and group coaching online her outfits are perfectly matched to the event so her clients feel her support and guidance at many different levels.

Andrea J. Lee

It is your ability to really see beneath the skin, connect with my inner self, make it make safe for "her" to come out and play with you, and the "technical" know how of how to see the way things can work - that has made this so special.  Not only do I now immediately feel ready to dress differently each morning starting tomorrow, I feel it is a knowing I own.  Internally.  I feel that realness of the change in me.  This inside out process is an utter joy, as is knowing and doing this with you.  I feel a real shift.  Thank you for seeing me, Mary.

Andrea J. Lee, Master Coach, Speaker & CEO of Thought Partners International
Bob Kittridge

Your work was subtle and impactful.  With only 30 days from selection to performance, these speakers didn’t need one more thing on their plates.  You answered their outfit questions using your style education and intuition.  You guided them with your unique ability to see and honor who they each were all the while ensuring that there message was in alignment too.

Bob Kittridge, Kittridge Connection

Prepare Your Closet and Share Your Message!

Dr. Tami has many different audiences in her University world and in her entrepreneurial endeavors.  Tami is a fashionista that just wanted a little clarity and understanding of her closet.

With only a little bit of time to prepare for an upcoming event, Tami and I dove into her closet, sorted and rearranged clothing that better suited Tami's message.

I learned that it’s not necessary for me to go buy a new outfit for every event. That’s very empowering! Mary was able to validate my inner knowing, my intuition, of certain types of clothing that externally expressed my inner strength and empowerment. She was able to explain why I didn’t feel my best with particular articles of clothing in my closet that didn’t support my hair, skin, shape AND personal essence. Mary is gifted in her ability to bring the vibrational energy of what she sees and feels and teach her clients how to see the connections between their inner and outer expressions."

Dr Tami Brancamp, University of Nevada Reno
Chat with Mary

Why Work with Mary!

My professional background began in real estate. Even then I loved working with buyers and sellers to help them find the best match for their new home; similar to helping you find the perfect outfit to you align with the real you and your message. In expressing who you are, you will attract an audience that will align with both. I’ve always loved the sense of connection with people and have an innate knack for hearing the “unsaid” and following my intuition. That combination results in an environment of discovery and exploration.

Guiding you from point "A" to "B" and beyond, whether in real estate or in aligning your outside with your inner essence; is my joy and blessing. What matters most to me is providing you with my full heart-centered attention so that during our time together, we will discover the perfect way for you bring the real you to the world.

While I loved my real estate practice and had measurable success, I found myself burned out way too early in my career. In my self-discovery of why and in my marriage with Vince, I learned about talents and gifts, purpose and mission. What I learned and what we teach in our Imagine Miracles programs is that real estate was “part” of my Purpose and was part of learning and refining my talents and gifts. But what was missing was long term joy. I found that joy in assisting people like you.

I’ve always loved color, clothes, shopping, and always looked forward to helping my friends get ready for any event like their annual holiday party, etc. As Vince and I started putting a system for what we were discovering and uncovering in our work together, I found a gift in seeing people’s authentic self. Along my own personal path of discovering my authenticity; I gifted myself with training with the world's leading Personal Stylist, Carla Mathis.

I knew I was in the right place within minutes of my time with Carla. She was teaching a system for color and analyzing the body to create a balanced look. I was excited to learn all I could and help people match the vibration of their essence with the vibration of their clothing. I quickly learned that I could use her systems together with ours to create alignment.

By partnering with me, your Intuitive Catalyst for Expressing your Essence, I am devoted to you not just finding a connection with the real you, your message and your audience; but carrying that connection into every area of your life, into what makes you happy and feel good about yourself as well. You will shine; attracting more of the right people in complete resonance with you energetically and how you present yourself physically. People will be connected with you and open to hearing your message. They will simply be ready to work with you.

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