Our mastermind program is based on self-discovery and empowerment in a supportive community environment.

The Miracle Circle Mastermind (MCM) programs are the crown jewels of Imagine Miracles. The program has been conceived and developed by Vince from the ground up, and addresses a growing demand in personal growth and human potential for a completely “hands on” mentorship style. The MCM is for anyone ready to create their life on purpose, live the life they were meant to live and explore every possibility. Too many of us have lived too long pursuing the life that others told us would bring happiness and contentment. It’s time to discover what joy and success looks like for you specifically.

Consolidating the teachings, trainings and experiential exercises of some of the most influential and effective people in transformation and personal growth, MCM takes participants through a year long immersive self-discovery, self-development and empowerment experience designed to change their lives and the lives around them forever.

An extension of Vince’s teachings and philosophy, the MCM offers the best of Vince’s diverse experiences as a highly successful corporate and military leader, motivational teacher and transformation and human potential coach. It’s a complete package that gives individuals a robust platform to know themselves at the deepest level, discover how they want to live the remainder of their life and turn those possibilities into reality. The program allows direct access to Vince and his team, complementing his teachings with context-specific understanding of universal principles and state-of-the-art tools and resources.

The Miracle Circle Mastermind program offers a Quantum Leap Empowerment platform that helps individuals create the life of their dreams and achieve optimal results. Whether you’re growing a business to its full potential, cultivating a mindset to give back and help others or embarking upon self-discovery, the mastermind completely reshapes lives and shows participants how to attain lifelong; joy, peace and prosperity -- all supported by an active community designed to help you stay accountable and step into your gifts and talents fully while expanding, growing and creating the life you desire by your design. Participants are able to design and lead a life on their own terms, to establish and nurture nourishing relationships, to master their emotional, mental and spiritual intelligence, and to take affirmative actions to achieve their personal, relationship, financial and career goals.



Exclusive mentoring program

Individual coaching sessions with Vince 

Mentoring sessions with Vince and the Mastermind members

Exclusive retreats

12-month immersion program (Training Call and Group Coaching)

Exclusive peer group support

Access to cutting-edge tools and resources