Learn more about our Mastermind and VIP coaching sessions.

If you are an individual, organization, business, or family looking for a more comprehensive training and mentoring program designed to accelerate your journey towards bringing your purpose to the world while holding you accountable, you may want to consider Vince and Mary’s year-long Miracle Circle Mastermind or one of the other group and individual coaching programs available at Imagine Miracles.

Our mastermind program is based on masterfully guided self-discovery and empowerment in a supportive community environment.

The Miracle Circle Mastermind (MCM) programs are the crown jewels of Imagine Miracles. The program has been conceived and developed by Vince from the ground up, and addresses a growing demand in personal growth and human potential for a completely “hands on” mentorship style. The MCM is for anyone ready to create their life on purpose, live the life they were meant to live and explore every possibility. Too many of us have lived too long pursuing the life that others told us would bring happiness and contentment. It’s time to discover what joy and success looks like for you specifically.

If you want to want to make a lasting change quickly in one area of your life or prefer to work one-on-one, you will find a VIP session is the perfect way to get the personal touch you need.

Vince has an uncanny ability to read people and ask the right question at the right time, which has placed him in a revered position as coach and mentor to an exclusive group of people who, through their influence, make a difference in the world. In the way that diamond experts mold rough diamonds by cutting and polishing them to unleash their brilliance and fire, Vince helps you discover and maintain your own unique brilliance and flame that will ignite your passion. Vince has a natural and direct approach that goes beyond standard life coaching practices to take you to that space where you find the answers you seek inside yourself. He possesses an intrinsic ability to help individuals and organizations succeed beyond their expectations and start living what he calls their “Life on Purpose.”

If you are ready to put "you" first and relax, regroup, regenerate or discover the real you, a Personal Retreat is the perfect way to get the personal touch and attention you need to re-energize your life.

Whether you are feeling lost, unseen, under pressure, stressed out, or just need a break, a personal retreat gives you the opportunity to relax and regenerate. During your time with us, Mary uses insight and intuition to understand exactly what you need to get back to you. For you to live the life you are meant to live, you must find the real you.