Personal Retreats

Learn more about our Personal Retreat regeneration and self-discovery opportunities at our private retreat center in beautiful Southwest Colorado.

 A relaxing and regenerative environment and opportunity to work one-on-one to bring happiness, health and abundance into your life, a Personal Retreat is the personal touch you need.

Whether you are feeling lost, unseen, under pressure, stressed out, or just need a break, a personal retreat gives you the opportunity to relax and regenerate. During your time with us, Mary uses insight and intuition to understand exactly what you need to get back to you. For you to live the life you are meant to live, you must find the real you.

Mary has a natural and direct approach coupled with many supportive modalities that go beyond a spa experience. Your personal retreat experience is supportive and nurturing for your mind, body and spirit. She uses many local experts and resources to create the experience that best serves you in achieving your ultimate transformational goals. You will experience multi-dimensional growth that open the door to you living a miracle life.

Mary’s caring and down-to-earth approach, coupled with a supportive transformative environment and leading edge information and techniques will help bring you in to alignment and uncover the next step to take in attracting the life you are meant to live, the life of your design and on purpose. Time for meditation and self-reflection is provided and opportunities to visit and explore local sites, nature and hiking trails are available if you are interested. Retreats are offered for individuals and couples.

Each personal retreat is a unique as the person living it. Before you arrive for your retreat, you will have a 30-minute conversation with Mary to discuss the experience and transformation you want from your time at the retreat center. Mary will put together the perfect combination of the many modalities we offer to maximize your time with us based on your needs, desires and budget. It is our desire that your retreat is just that “your retreat.” Mary will not only help you plan the retreat that will support you in meeting your needs, but go beyond to support you in what you might not know you need.

Choose you, an investment in yourself is the best investment you can make. Spend two days or more with Mary at our beautiful Southwest Colorado Retreat Center near Mesa Verde National Park, where you will be guided through labyrinth walks, meditations and transformational exercises. Relax, Regenerate, Revive!

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