Creating a Miracle Life

What does it mean to create a miracle life? You are the only one that can answer that question for you. We are all uniquely different, yet we are all the same. We are the same in how we create, but are unique in what defines our miracle life. In my last blog I stated that to create the life of your design; the life you say you want, you must: 1) Be aware of what you want, 2) Be aware of how you create and 3) Be aware of what can stop you or slow you down from getting what you say you want. I would like to share some more information about each of these with you.


I attended a seminar presented by a well-known personal growth expert in early 1982. In his dynamic presentation, he emphasized the importance of writing down exactly what you want in life. He shared with the group how he used vision boards with pictures and words to keep what he wanted to achieve in life at top of mind. It was a very successful way to achieve and accomplish my goals in my adult life. The thing that he didn’t share, or maybe I wasn’t ready to hear, was to know what it was I really wanted. As I said in an earlier blog, I lived life by others rules and in many cases wanted things in my life that I believed would make me happy and successful because they seemed to do that for others. I’m sure you know what I mean; if you have this car, this size of house, this many children, hold this job, go to that school…the list goes on and on. We are taught by our parents, teachers and society what success looks like. We learn through our perception what brings praise and love to us and then develop a belief that more of those “things” will make us happier. Then, we set out to achieve in the pursuit of happiness. The question is, what makes you happy? In your uniqueness, what brings joy to your life? What makes you want to sing in the morning or squeal with delight like a young child? When you can answer those questions, you can design your miracle life! If you don’t take the time to examine your life, life is living you. You are being guided by habits, beliefs and patterns that you may not even be aware are there.


There are many discoveries in science that have not made it to the main stream and aren’t even taught in our elementary and high schools. In the early 1900’s, Einstein and a group of other scientists discovered Quantum Physics. It can very roughly be called the science of energy. One of the many important things that came out of quantum physics is that the observer creates reality. In other words, what we think and our perception of the circumstances around us create our reality. It is impossible to go into a full explanation in this short blog, but know that you are constantly creating with each thought, even if you aren’t aware you are even thinking. “As you think so you become” sums it all up. When I finally understood this concept, I immediately understood why everyone was always saying that I should live in the moment. Without the awareness of our thoughts in each moment, we are creating on autopilot. By understanding how you create, you understand how reality works and the part that you play in it. Your predominant habits of thinking shape your actions and generate all your results.


Once you know how you create and understand you are constantly creating, it will be easy to understand what can stop you or at least slow you down from getting what you say you want. Your beliefs and habits play a big part in what you create in your life. A belief is a thought you think over and over. A habit is a belief that you believe until it is an automatic part of your behavior. These beliefs are all based on observation and perceptions and all can limit you and your power to create. They make many new creations in your life impossible. Most of your beliefs were formed before you were two years old and based on your perceptions and observation of the people in your life that gave you the three things most important to you as a small child; food, safety and love. Many of us become what we are based on the experiences of others. These thoughts, beliefs and habits are automatic, and if you aren’t aware of them surfacing, will result in reactions, uncontrolled behavior and automatic tendencies. You can’t create a new life when living from the perspectives of the old one. In other words, you will create more of the same instead of your miracle life.


The good news, in knowing and understanding the thoughts, beliefs and habits of the past, you can go beyond the current limits of your mind, beyond conventional thinking and outdated beliefs and choose thoughts and beliefs that support you in living a miracle life.


Despite what we have been taught in the past, we don’t live in a world where circumstances rule. It is not an either/or world where we are separate from everyone and everything. As energy, we are all connected and it is an and/both world where intent rules. The world isn’t black and white; it is the blackest black, the whitest white and everything in between. Difference is opportunity and not a reason for rejection or classification. With this new world understanding, you are a powerful and purposeful creator.

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