What is Imagine Miracles?

The “why” of Imagine Miracles is to “Inspire and Empower people to know themselves and live an empowered life of their design.” Life is a journey and we can live it consciously or on autopilot. For much of the first fifty years of my life I lived on autopilot. Don’t get me wrong, I was very successful with a dream job, a nice house and a beautiful wife. By society’s standards, I had it all. In fact by my standards, I had it all. I was happy and content. I had followed all the rules and was living what everyone told me was the perfect life. And then I had what I will call a “crisis awakening.” Actually, it was more like a “triple” crisis awakening. In other words, something happened in my life that jolted me into an awareness that there was something missing in my life and I was living by someone else’s rules. The three events were a loss of a friend on 9/11, my employer going bankrupt and taking a 60% pay cut, and the most devastating, my wife of 21 years telling me she wasn’t happy and thought the only way she could be happy was by getting a divorce. Many of you have experienced similar events in your lives, some much worse and more devastating.


As I look back, each was an opportunity for me to open my eyes and realize that, “I wasn’t really living life, it was living me.” The divorce got my attention, finally. I started my search. Over time I learned, it was a search to find me. Thanks to Jack Canfield and many amazing people that I met through my affiliation with Jack, I found me. In the last nine years since the first Canfield event I attended, I’ve dedicated my life to learning everything I could about Creating and Living a Life of My Own Design. It has been a challenging journey. I have attended workshops and seminars, read 100’s of books, and most importantly “done my work.” I have learned it is a life long journey, but the journey is exciting and rewarding. Along the way, I became frustrated because I was unable to maintain the “high” I got at the workshops and seem to lose momentum when I was no longer in the safety and isolation of the seminar environment. It was also very frustrating that I couldn’t find a “roadmap” to self discovery and personal growth.” I searched for the answers to all my questions, sometimes blindly. I found those answers and continue to uncover more and more. I found my “purpose” in life and now I want to help others find their answers. I want to make it convenient. I can’t make it easy, but I can make it convenient. Mary and I developed the Miracle Life Method, C.R.E.A.T.E. It is your own personal roadmap and the “high” is generated on the inside.


To create the life of your design; the life you say you want, there are three things that you must understand. They are: 1) You have to know what you want, 2) You have to understand how you create and 3) You must be aware of what can stop you or slow you down from getting what you say you want. C.R.E.A.T.E is designed to help you discover the answers to those three questions and many more for yourself. It is truly a toolkit for you to design your life and to navigate the pathway towards it. You will discover yourself along the way, you will become aware of your unique gifts and talents and most importantly you will experience joy, appreciation and love on the journey. C.R.E.A.T.E isn’t a “how to.” C.R.E.A.T.E is a very powerful experience that will change the way you experience life for the rest of your life. It is a new paradigm full of paradox.


This isn’t a program to help you lose weight, meet your soul mate, master social media, become more enlightened or lower your golf score. It will assist you in uncovering who you are, why you are here and help you empower yourself. Don’t be surprised though if you get any or all of the above results or whatever else you may want in life much easier or quicker than you ever thought you possibly could.


They won’t happen because you learn what you should do or a secret formula. You will learn to create your life on purpose. It will happen because you’ll expand your views on reality and understand natural laws. It will happen because you’ll learn about your brain and your mind and expand your consciousness. It will happen because you will find the gifts in everything you are and everything that you have experienced in life. It will happen because you understand that in bringing the old and new wisdom together you can have the life you say you want when you Imagine Miracles.

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