Everything is Energy

In my last blog, I mentioned the discovery of quantum physics at the beginning of the 20th century. With the discovery of the quantum world and the research that has been done over the last one hundred plus years much has been learned about the universe and everything in it.


Newtonian Physics or Classical Physics, taught us the mechanics of our physical world is based in matter made up of particles called atoms. Prior to the Theory of Relativity, scientists used to think that all things have energy. Einstein proved that everything is energy. As our measuring equipment evolved and became move sensitive, scientist discovered that protons, electrons and neutrons are actually made up of energy. Everything is energy! The interesting thing is as our instruments become even more sophisticated, even smaller things are being uncovered.


Newtonian or Classical physics isn’t a one or the other question. Both of these branches of physics explain how our world works; one at a macro level and one at a micro level. Most of you are very familiar with Newtonian Physics; that is the physics we learned in grade and high school. Very few of you are familiar with Quantum Physics. Don’t be afraid! Imagine Miracles isn’t about learning Quantum Physics.


If you want to understand life – if you want a life of joy, if you want to live life on purpose, you have to understand how your reality is created, how it all comes together, what are the building blocks of all existence, what the qualities are, what the attributes are and what all comes into play. The building block is this energy. It is this very energy that is the source of everything in the Universe. In truly understanding this source energy, the nature, structure and function of it, you will discover the operating system in creating your reality.


Since everything is energy, it means that you are energy. The computer you are reading this on is energy. The chair you are sitting on is energy. Even your thoughts and words are energy. All made up of source energy. This energy is constantly expanding, changing and responding to the energy around it. Doesn’t it make sense to understand at least some of the principles of this source energy?


Source energy is the underlying fabric of all existence and composed of tiny subatomic particles of energy, which appear and disappear. Source energy is very consistent and reliable. It always acts the same way. This energy is constantly unfolding and enfolding in reality created by the observer. You create your own reality. Because the energy is constantly changing and moving, it actually takes more effort to keep things in your life the same. It also tells us that everything manifested in our life is only temporary. Whatever is in your life at this time, whether you consider it good or bad, will change. I’ll talk more about how this happens in a future blog.


This source energy is intelligent. It is holistically designed and is constantly working with every other part flawlessly. It is constantly interacting with the stimuli it is receiving. Your thoughts and feelings are constantly causing change in this malleable energy fabric. We interact with it using our consciousness. It is imperative we constantly choose our thoughts and understand our feelings or we won’t see the change that we want. It’s a multifaceted, living, sentient intelligence. It’s exuding and expressing this intelligence at all times. The design, nature, and function of this energy that doesn’t change, and at the same time it is able to manifestly be everything that exists without ever losing its structural integrity.


The purpose or function of source energy is to unify all existence into an expansive, harmonious whole. So no matter how much we focus on difference, no matter how much we focus on lack, no matter

how much we focus on wrongness, none of that is going to affect the truth of this energy. When we focus on the outside, what we observe with our five senses, we are focusing on the appearance of something and are forgetting to use our consciousness to interact with the underlying nature.


Source energy is where all possibilities exist. Quantum Physicists refer to the Zero Point Field where limitless possibilities exist. You can use your awareness to affect the whole of existence from where ever you are. This is called the superposition. In other words, your thoughts and feelings can actually affect someone on the other side of the world. As an example, have you ever been thinking of a friend you haven’t seen for some time and received a phone call from them that very day. Neither time nor space have an affect on this interaction.


You have the ability to fashion anything you want from source energy. It is suggestible. Without changing it in any way you can manifest anything you choose. Unfortunately you have not been taught how to consciously interact with source energy and create on purpose. Consequently, what you have created in your life might not be what you want.


Science and spirituality both tell us that we live in an And/Both world, not in an Either/Or one. In becoming aware of the knowledge that is available to you, you can create your own personal miracle life.

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