Why Imagine Miracles?

Several people have asked me, why the name Imagine Miracles. Actually many people have asked the question. I thought the answer would be the most appropriate first blog for the site. There have been many years invested to get to this blog –years of coming to a true understanding of who we are and just what Imagine Miracles is all about. Just like our lives, Imagine Miracles has been and is an unfolding and enfolding of unlimited possibility. It is a journey of co-creation in expressing and sharing of our passion and purpose.


For those of you that have read the “About Us” section of the ImagineMiracles.com website, you know that Imagine Miracles was named and began in 2007. Along with three friends, I wanted to put together a group of like-minded people to assist people in living happy, healthy and wealthy lives. We all brought knowledge and expertise in different areas and knew that in coming together, we could help people in finding balance in all aspects of their lives. We spent an entire day on finding just the right name that expressed what we wanted to share with the world in living a heart-based life balanced in happiness, health and wealth. Imagine Miracles was born! Shortly thereafter and for various reasons, our group disbanded and we each went our separate ways. It is obvious to me now that the timing wasn’t quite right. I had my personal “work” to do.


About that time, two very important things happened in my life. I attended a very eye and heart opening workshop and Mary came back into my life in a very special way. The combination of the two brought a great awareness to me…and so began my journey towards discovering the answer to the question that is the title of this blog. Why Imagine Miracles? I wanted to be the leading edge, I wanted to provide people with information and processes that were sustaining and supportive. I wanted to help people find themselves, live by their own rules, discover passion and purpose in their lives. Mary suggested, I might want to do that for myself first. What a concept!


I embarked on that journey with Mary as my traveling companion. It has been a journey of discoveries; some pleasant and some not so pleasant. Over the last eight years, I have worked with, studied under and digested the work of many amazing people. Jack Canfield, Joe Dispenza, Debbie Ford, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Wayne Dyer, Penney Pierce and many, many others. I’ve taken part in Native American, Mayan, Eastern Indian and many other rituals that have brought answers and more questions. I’ve learned about quantum physics, shadows, forgiveness and the brain. I’ve spent hours getting to know me and what all came together to create who I am. I have learned many important things on my journey; three of them are: Who I am, Why I am here, and that the journey never ends. Oh, and I also learned “Why Imagine Miracles?”


It took me eight years to learn and understand what we intuitively knew in 2007 when we decided on the name “Imagine Miracles.” “Imagine” is purposefully creating and manifesting through deliberate thought and feeling. “Miracles” are raising the vibration of yourself and others through the sharing of your gifts and talents in living a purpose-filled life. The perfect name for a company dedicated to help you discover; “where you are now, who you are and why you are here and then create the life of your desires. You can C.R.E.A.T.E your miracle life by becoming conscious of your now, reframing your beliefs, embracing all of you, attuning to who you are and what you want, transforming into the real you and empowering yourself and others to live the “life you say you want.” The mission of Imagine Miracles is to assist you on your journey.


Imagine Miracles organization is a journey in itself. It is not a goal or a destination. We look forward to all we will meet along the way. We look forward to meeting you and co-creating “miracles.” We can only “Imagine” the possibilities.

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